4 days of cool new attitudes for old main streets

“Showcasing historic buildings and innovative ideas that bring new businesses, new people, new uses, and new life to their traditional commercial areas of all types and sizes.”

That’s this year’s Cool Cities theme featured next week Sunday through Wednesday when the 2005 National Main Streets Conference strolls through Baltimore, MD.

While the annual event focuses on general techniques for managing historic main streets, it does indeed have a full slate of Cool City presentations not typically on the agenda like: Michigan’s Cool Cities Initiative Up-Close, Artist Live-Work Space on Main Street, Wi-Fi Cities, Dining and Entertainment Districts on Main Street, and Hot New Trends for Those Hot Downtowns!.

Even their program is pretty cool – you can download it here.

Don’t forget that Kennedy Smith, who ran the National Main Street Center for nearly 20 years (and speaking at the conference), is an associate partner of ours to provide a rather unprecedented but much needed service for town center developers: to proactively attract and manage a creative mix of independent businesses.

Know of any other cool events? Please comment below…

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