What urban type are you?

Here’s an abridged quiz to ‘discover your true urban style’, found on the back cover of a highly acclaimed book on downtown life: Get Urban! The Complete Guide to City Living by Kyle Ezell, who’s also a speaker (I hope you appreciate the spontaneous plug Kyle).

If you have Post-Industrial style, you…
– Find beauty in hard-core, edgy urban environments.
– Are drawn to basic building materials such as steel, glass and concrete.
– Insist on stunning downtown skyline views.

If you have Garden style, you…
– Enjoy small backyards where birds sing and butterflies dance.
– Regard front porches full of hanging baskets as highly desirable.
– Have historic home revitalization on your list of “must dos.”

If you have Eclectic style, you…
– Are highly expressive, open to new ideas, and want to be stimulated as you step out the front door.
– Insist upon cultural, social, and architectural diversity in your surroundings.
– Consider yourself, your friends, and your philosophies as highly creative.

If you have Blank Canvas style, you…
– Are intrigued when analyzing “before and after” building photos.
– Do not consider an empty structure to be empty, just another possibility.
– Consider yourself a hard-core “urban activist.”

What type are you? Or are you ‘unclassified’? Speak your mind below…

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