Where are the top women business builders living?

If your city needs job growth, it needs fast-growing businesses. From 1997 to 2004, women-owned businesses grew twice as fast as all businesses in the U.S. One in 18 women is a business owner, producing $2.5 trillion in annual sales, employing 20 million people. What can your city do to attract the most successful of these women? When Fast Company magazine profiled the top 25 female business builders, they may have helped answer that question. Here’s where they live:

Alexandria MN; Metaire LA; Santa Ana CA; Austin TX; New York NY; Taunton MA; Fort Worth TX (2); Glendale Heights IL; Denver CO; Harvey LA; Fairfax VA/Washington DC area (2); Houston TX; Cincinatti OH; Dickson TN; Washington DC; Boston MA; Dallas TX; Chesterfield MO; Littleton MA; Milford MA; Morristown NJ; Bryan TX.

These are mostly either cities that score very high on the creative class index, or are cities people never heard of (read – affordable/low cost of living and doing business.) Keep that in mind the next time you hear city leaders claim that investing in swanky stores and luxury apartments will be good for your city’s economy in the long run.

Where do you see women starting businesses? Speak your mind below…

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