Reader-driven CoolTown book?

The world’s most creative people put together what has become the world’s best operating system (Linux) for many. The same concept lies behind our approach of catalyzing a beta community for building next generation places that can perhaps exceed expectations. Maybe we can apply this energy to writing a book.

Just as you have several dozen ideas of what your very own ideal community would be, but don’t have the means to develop one, here’s an opportunity to let the world know what they are. The goal of the book is to literally transform individuals with abstract ideas into residents and tenants of new places they thought were mere pipe dreams – and I mean ‘literally’ in every sense of the word, as there’s already a significant equity fund committed to making this happen. The tenant-driven program would also mean purchase/lease discounts for beta community members, since there’d be no marketing costs/risks once the project is completed.

So, is a reader-driven CoolTown book realistic? Should it wait another ten years? If a go, the book will have the same literary agent as that of Richard Florida’s Rise/Flight of the Creative Class books, not a coincidence. If we were to write such a book within a year in order for you to become tenants in communities of your own design/investment within five, what would you title it? What would the chapters be named? What places would serve as models? What personal goals could it serve? (ie meeting more people, running your own business among others, a wider network of people who share similar interests to do things with…)*

*It’s somewhat seredipitous that some of these goals are attained just through the establishment of the beta community before a physical community is even built.

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