Intown Living: A Different American Dream

Intown Living: A Different American Dream is one of the latest books focused on the urban migration.

While many boomers writing on the subject attribute the move back to cities to the baby boomer/empty nester generation, the boomerish authors conclude that it’s young people, and by a predominant margin (backed by Census data). The median age of the people in the ‘intowns’ covered in the book is generally around 30.

Most of the book consists of case studies on these intown districts, which are: Midtown and Downtown Atlanta; Uptown and Downtown Dallas; Downtown and Midtown Houston; Downtown and South Main in Memphis; Mill Quarter and North Riverfront, Minneapolis; the Warehouse Area Business Association district in New Orleans; Pearl District Portland, Oregon, and North False Creek and Coal Harbour, Vancouver, B.C., Canada.

A particular rising star is Minneapolis, which now has 26,000 downtown residents, and is a particular favorite of Creative Class author Richard Florida.

The authors, Amy Breen and Dick Rigby, run a nonprofit, The Waterfront Center, committed to creating great public waterfronts.

Are you familiar with any of these intown districts? Speak your mind below…

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