Married with kids’ only 10% of net growth

Singles living alone, together or with kids; and married couples without children will account for 90% of the net new household growth in this decade, according to U.S. Census figures. In 15 years, married couples with kids will represent only 1 out of every 5 households.

No, the country isn’t going dysfunctional. Boomers are aging, turning into ‘nexers‘ (boomer empty nesters) and ‘never nesters’ (childless couples who both are working professionals, aka born again DINKs). Also, their offspring are now entering adulthood and there’s a global migration in and out of the country.

This does mean that the demand for urban living may exceed that of suburban living, which would explain why intown real estate is doubling and often tripling, in a matter of a few years. Yes, the real estate industry moves glacially compared to the computer industry, but they’re finally catching on. We’ll take a look at how tomorrow.

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