Kitchen furniture

As covered in yesterday’s story, working professionals value their workplaces at home. However, because they tend to spend less time cooking or entertaining at home, they opt for smaller kitchens to save costs – sometimes at the same size as their workplaces. Here’s a look at when small becomes tiny when one is willing to sacrifice square footage to live in the best (i.e. most expensive) neighborhood.

This is the kitchen armoire. It’s an armoire when you’re not preparing/cooking, and a mini-kitchen when you are. Yes, that’s a fully-functional stove, oven, sink, dishwasher and fridge. Ok, so maybe this is a little ridiculous (unless you have a Manhattan apartment), but not so much at a little bigger size. The company that makes these, Yestertec, does make them larger. The point is that the kitchen becomes part of the living room when it’s not being used as one, making your living room that much more livable.

*If you think the minuteness of this kitchen armoire is ridiculous, wait until tomorrow…

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