Cool and affordable in NYC

Based on yesterday’s post that affordability is more important than anything in NYC, where does one look for homes that won’t cause sticker shock? Perhaps something like at the Toy Factory Lofts in Brooklyn that started at $270K last year? Remember, this is NYC we’re talking about, it’s all relative!

Here’s some advice from a NY native and urban expert, Kristin Russell, PP, AICP:

“I think Astoria, Long Island City, and DUMBO are defiantly “hip” and semi-gentrified areas. (SEMI being key) South Bronx varies block to block, but there is a growing artist community.

Instead, try Jersey City (Downtown/Grove St) where there is a growing hipster/yuppie/artist/Latino blended community. Or, Red Hook, Brooklyn. Both are fairly new to the “cool” scene which makes selection of bars/restaurants/etc. a little limited, but prices are low and atmospheres more authentic. Last but not least, Washington Heights/Harlem is worth checking out.

Enjoy your explorations.”

Where would you suggest looking and why? Speak your mind below…

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