The coolest restaurants are going green

For progressive, community-oriented individuals like yourself, one way to identify a like-minded restaurant is to see if it’s gone green. Restaurants are no small impact either, they actually represent 10% of the U.S. economy.

What are the signs of a progressive cafe or coffeehouse? It varies, but the Green Restaurant Association (GRA) is trying to make it easier for you. The best thing is to look for the GRA seal. Here are their most visible guidelines (full list and details here):

– Green Building & Construction (daylighting, recycled building materials)
– Energy Efficiency & Conservation (energy-efficient lightbulbs and air conditioning, refrigeration)
– Water Efficiency & Conservation (water sensors, low-flush toilets)
– Green Power (wind farm electricity)
– Recycled, Tree-Free, Biodegradable & Organic Products (food/beverage containers)
– Recycling & Composting (recycle bins)
– Sustainable Food (organic)

To date, there are only 74 GRA-certified restaurants nationwide. The U.S. Green Building Council is also working on green standards for the buildings themselves.

Know any green restaurants? Speak your mind below…

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