Schools as community centers

What a waste that a beautiful school for kids by day becomes a closed-down building at night, especially if the spaces look like the ones in the last couple of blogs.

I blogged about this almost two years ago in Schools as Third Places, and the schools as community centers idea is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, there is such an organization by the same name that focuses on this very trend. Their first outstanding recognition goes to the John A. Johnson Achievement Plus Elementary School in St. Paul.

Built in an economically-challenged area, the school is seamlessly integrated with a YMCA that provides:
– the school’s gym and children’s pool
– space for after school opportunities
– day care center
– teen center
– pre-school
– aerobics studio
– cardio-and-strength training

The school provides:
– mental health, physical health, family support, early childhood, adult education, dental and tutoring services
– a free community clinic
– space for a whopping 174 community events and activities in conjunction with the YMCA.

I happen to live adjacent to a school that’s shut down at night, and just think what a great venue it’d be for swing dancing by night…

Know of any schools that transform by night? Speak your mind below…

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