A year in the life of a family gone ‘carless

Understanding the target market is imperative to building places that they would embrace, or in business terms, buy or lease. Here’s a look into a ‘year in the life’ of a Chicago family man who decided to give up their only car.

His full account is here. Here’s an excerpt:

“…Why not just turn our car in when the lease expires and see what it’s like? If it doesn’t work out, we can go lease a new car anytime we want. Meanwhile, we’ll save a lot of money…

Surprisingly, [my wife] agreed, our kids signed on, and we did it. I actually turned the car in a week early.

I expected summer and fall to be a pleasant experiment, but I really didn’t know what to expect come winter. Would not having a car just add to the misery of my most miserable season? Would we be test-driving Hondas in the snow? A year later, we’re still car free and expect to stay this way. Beyond the financial windfall of our change, we’ve connected with the city in a whole new way, we get more exercise, and our stress level has fallen. And we’ve learned, much more than we ever expected to – about our selves, our city and our society.

It’s a fascinating read.

Btw, I find life grander, richer without a car myself. It’s nothing about making a statement, life for me is just better.

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