Finally! Health insurance for free agents!

It’s long been a frustration for individual entrepreneurs (aka free agents) who have to pay a lot more to get less health insurance than that of larger companies.

This is no longer the case for the independents and free agents in urban downtowns! Thanks to the National Main Street Center, a nonprofit that assisted well over 2000 main streets across the country. They helped initiate the National Trust Insurance Services which provides health insurance to main street tenants at competitive premiums and benefits as corporations have for their employees. For instance, it dropped my insurance premiums from $121 to $93 with the same deductible, yet increasing coverage from 80% to 100% – keeping my same doctor.

The bottom line is this is great news for any local economy – it’s the individual entrepreneurs that are most responsible for any city’s job growth (outside of stealing other cities’ companies), so it’s certainly not in the local economy’s best interests to put them at a financial disadvantage.

Has insurance hampered you as a free agent? Speak your mind below…

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