10 great public places

Yesterday I presented Project for Public Spaces’ principles for what makes a great public place. Today I list their annual ten best additions to their great places archive:

United States:
The City Museum, St. Louis, MO
Museum of Modern Art Interior and Sculpture Garden, New York, NY
Wisconsin State Capitol, Madison, WI
Devon Street, Chicago, IL

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BC
Central/South America
Jardin Juarez and Market Hall, Juchitan, Mexico
Largo Glenio Peres, Porto Alegre, Brazil

Dapper Market, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Trg Bana Jelacica, Zagreb, Croatia
Kungsportsavenyn, Goteborg, Sweden

Image: Kungsportsavenyn – top two images, Largo Glenio Peres – lower two images.

Been to any of these places? Speak your mind below…

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