Being spaces’ – productive, social or both

Is your workplace becoming your characterless home? Is your home becoming your isolated workplace? There’s no need to be in either all the time, thanks to the proliferation of being spaces: “commercial living-room-like settings that facilitate small office/living room activities like watching a movie, reading a book, meeting friends and colleagues, or doing your admin.” It’s a specific example of a third place. I even mentioned being spaces here over two years ago – in fact, it was my second blog entry ever. Hmm, the blogs were a lot shorter back then, but I digress.

This is the opposite of cocooning, “where a person’s home becomes their whole world,” or their workplace for that matter. The benefit of being places is that you don’t have to be there, it’s social and it’s spontaneous, when and only when either your home life or work life calls for it.

Here’s a picture of a being place at my workplace being used this evening for a surprise get-together.

Know of any being spaces? Any ideas on how you’d like one designed in your neighborhood?

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