The $5 independent-business lunch dilemma

It’s lunchtime (for entrepreneurs, that could mean anytime between noon and 6 pm.) You’ve got $5 for food and drink, whether it’s all you got or all you want to spend. Why is it that the only choices are either unhealthy or chains? McD’s, Subway… What if you wanted to support your fellow entrepreneur, that independent sandwich shop down the street, but the bill always totals over $7? Surely there’s a no-frills chic answer.

Why does this matter? Because cities need entrepreneurs to create jobs, and entrepreneurs are putting all their money into their businesses with little left for >$5 lunches every single day, much less >$10 dinners, and peanut butter sandwiches get old after a while. They need something like…

…an independent version of England’s Pret a Manger – alas a chain, but an example (an evil one some say) of a small corner store offering healthy, fresh, quick and very inexpensive sandwiches, salads and the like, stacked as tightly as the cans of soup in your supermarket. Where will such a high-quality, volume-based idea work? Well, in urban areas with a large concentration of pedestrians, which is why you’ll only find these in London and NYC to date.

Here’s a posting to accelerate some independent merchants to open their own, and for cities to support them in the downtown – there’s a lot of starving entrepreneurs out there, and a lot of jobs to be created.

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