Making ‘planned spontaneity’ easier

If there’s one thing that appeals to our audience, it’s planned spontaneitymaking spontaneous decisions to go somewhere or do something”, aided by the web’s “physical and virtual web of no-frills airlines, always-on phones and PDAs, affordable hotels, last-minute/find-and-seek websites” as described by

Well, here’s a CoolTown tool to plan some spontaneity in your neighborhood or favorite district – via our urban vitality engine. I’ve hinted at it for quite a while now, and it’s finally ready to check out. Try out the beta site at (pictured.) It’s a snapshot of the happy hours, live performances, dinner specials, dancing and special events going on in a certain district or neighborhood (rather than an entire metropolitan area – who has the time or interest?). It’s most useful feature is that it lays out all these happenings like a TV guide – except that the ‘programs’ are a bit more interactive with a little more soul, shall we say.

This first example is a neighborhood commercial district in the heart of Washington DC, but it can be customized for any other district in any sized town. We’re even working with Kennedy Smith, who ran the National Main Street Center for 20 years, to help independent-business-oriented districts use this to compete with the chain-driven strip malls, big boxes and regional malls. Contact us via the right column for details.

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