The value of ‘no frills chic

Now that the national homebuilders are on the urban homebuilding bandwagon, let’s hope they don’t take the Walmart, GM, Safeway, United Airlines approach of mass-production. While it’s unlikely, there is hope that one of them will indeed come to a true understanding of what no-frills chic is, defined by as “low cost goods and services that add design, third-party high quality elements and/or exceptional customer service to create top quality experiences at bottom prices.

What can future homebuilders learn from Southwest Air, Target and Trader Joe’s? For starters…
– totally understanding what your target market (no pun intended) wants, since urban buyers are nothing like suburban buyers.
– not charging them for anything they can live without, like reserved seating, unlimited selection and junk food, or perhaps units twice the size as needed.
– focusing on the products with the greatest value and quality at the lowest prices rather than crappy products at low prices or premium prices on premium products. Think Ikea.

Quality doesn’t have to come at significant prices, it can come with significant intuition.

Experienced no-frills chic? Speak your mind below…

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