The one ‘how-to’ book to get for ‘New Urbanism

While New Urbanism is more about placemaking than economic development, and a quick search of Google images will illustrate that many new urbanist projects are rather suburban at this point, the movement is trending toward urban, and many of the suburban projects are urban in nature.

That said, if you’re looking for a development guide on placemaking and can filter out its suburban-oriented content if you’re focused on city/urban/CoolTown development, the New Urbanism: Comprehensive Report & Best Practices Guide, published by New Urban News, is the best resource you can find. Much of the guide’s material is garnered directly from the most successful New Urbanism developers and practitioners, still very useful even though many of them have mainly only greenfield experience. Remember, inspiring urban development is still a relatively new concept.

Any other useful resources out there? Speak your mind below.

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