MILES of pedestrian-oriented street

Why is it that the most pedestrian-oriented streets in the U.S. are found in resorts? The reason being that people in second-home communities have no need to commute to work, so the car is de-emphazed. Plus, they’re looking to pay for a higher quality of life. Well, that sounds a lot like the lifestyle of minipreneurs, so expect to see these pedestrian-first principles in more everyday, urban neighborhoods.

Here’s a preview – just use your imagination and apply the following to urban settings for everyday people. Shown above is a master plan of Alys Beach by the world-renowned town planning firm DPZ & Company, a new resort with miles of pedestrian-only streets – no cars. Notice that all the parking is in the rear, and no cars are allowed on many of the streets in between the front doors of the homes, which can be identified by the green pathways. There’s even a pedestrian-only neighborhood commercial plaza.

You will start to see such pedestrian-priority streets soon enough. Just be ready to get on the waiting list because they’re going fast.

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