Rooftop dining – why so rare?

I was sitting next to a friend of mine whose girlfriend exclaimed, “I feel like going to one of those restaurants with rooftop dining!” It wasn’t a difficult decision, being that there were really only two choices in the neighborhood. Which made me wonder, why are there only two?

It’s easier to figure why not. First of all, it’s practically free real estate space, compared to most rooftops that add no value. The same with patio dining, but that’s another story. Second, people absolutely love dining outdoors on rooftops, especially in places like Perry’s in Adams Morgan above. Who wouldn’t?

One reason is that rooftop dining doesn’t easily self-advertise like patio dining out front – how would visitors know? That’s one reason why we’re developing a tool for them to find out – like our half-finished entertainment guide here for the neighborhood – click on ‘Experiences’ then ‘Outdoor Dining’. Second, if entrepreneurs are skeptical about filling two floors with patrons, they should check out Lauriol Plaza in Washington DC, with three floors and rooftop dining – to be profiled tomorrow…

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