The busiest restaurant in town…

In yesterday’s entry, I questioned why rooftop dining was so rare, and today I provide an example that flies in the face of ‘old economy’ downtown development – Lauriol Plaza; probably the most successful restaurant in the entire Washington DC area.

What are its secrets to such crazed popularity that the waiting time for dinner is at least an hour every single night? No secret really…

It’s has top-notch service and is located in the heart of an urban, walkable neighborhood where people walk to the restaurant rather than drive, thus saving valuable real estate for people rather than cars. However, so do many of the restaurants in DC. So what really sets Lauriol apart?

1. It’s great food (Tex-Mex) with a truly affordable bill at the end. Many of the dishes are $7-$9, which isn’t so typical for tablecloth dining within a modern loft-like interior.
2. Rooftop dining on the third floor (yes, people don’t mind walking up there), and outdoor patio dining out front. People like to eat and drink outside. Period.

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