Bringing the ‘experience’ to downtown shoppers

Downtown independent retailers don’t have the financial muscle or exposure of the national retailers out in the malls, but there most powerful asset is their independence. That means they have the freedom to do whatever is necessary for them to compete with the suburban juggerauts, and that’s to create an experience when shopping for their merchandise.

Take apparel stores for instance. There are few places outside of a downtown main street where one will find a collection of unique, often international, clothes and styles. The unfortunate thing is these creative little shops aren’t able to broadcast their seasonal fashions the way Old Navy does for their fall corduroys (whose website by the way, doesn’t work on Macs, the most popular computer for indie-minded people.) What these indie retailers can do however, is have a seasonal fashion show every quarter, in the neigborhood, to show off their latest offerings. The national retailers could never get corporate approval for such a local display.

Who says fashion shows should only be for the rich and famous? Not if you don’t want to look like everyone else.

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