How to do a local blog for the creative class

Who are the hot new artists, bands, and merchants in the city? Which restaurants and bars should you definitely check out? Where are the cool new lofts, live-works and studios becoming available? What are the latest clothing styles you shouldn’t miss?

Sure, you can buy one of these stogdy city magazines, like The Washingtonian here in the DC area, but you probably have to own a BMW to relate to it. Or you can pick up one of those great alternative weekly newspapers, like Burlington, Vermont’s Seven Days, but like a newspaper, it covers everything and anything. However, if you want nice, brief, crisp profiles on the creative and progressive, then having it organized by food and drink; housing developments; free stuff; music; shopping etc. with compelling color photos to match, then Buffalo Rising is the model.

Think wikipedia + photo gallery + local entertainment guide.

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