15 hot cities for creative types

Yesterday I re-introduced Richard Florida, and as promised, here’s his most current list, as featured in the November issue of Fast Company, of the hottest cities for creative types like yourself.

In no particular order:

Sacramento, CA – WIne is big, the downtown is coming around, and outdoor recreation abounds.
Phoenix, AZ – Artists like its free spirit, biotech is booming downtown, and yes, few rainy days.
Salt Lake City, UT – Mormons are big on enterpreneurship, really big. Not so much on diversity though.
San Antonio, TX – It’s affordable and culturally rich, but it’s diversity isn’t known for collaborating.
Raleigh-Durham, NC – Three major universities are a major reason why the creative class population is at nearly 40%.
San Diego, CA – The perfect weather, biotech explosion and burgeoning downtown are fast making this city perhaps too desirable as far as housing prices go.
Portland, OR – One of the country’s best models for urban planning, and more microbreweries per capita than any other city.
Madison, WI – Progressive, biotech, incredible quality of life – perennial ‘best place to live’.
Tucson, AZ – Tech company leaders are attracted in droves (fifth-fastest growing in high-tech) to its desert beauty, recreation and affordability, but the city is fighting sprawl.
Colorado Springs, CO – The military presence provides a steady supply of jobs, the mountain recreation keeps workers there.

Dublin, Ireland – (Pictured) Bono helped do for Dublin what REM did for Athens – it’s the place to be.
Helsinki, Finland – Beautiful, tons of recreation, safe and a high-tech magnet.
Montreal, Quebec – The creative industry thrives here, with more set and sound-stage space than any North American city, in a historic European setting.
Sydney, Australia The ‘San Francisco down under’, whose population represents 180 countries, 140 languages, 300 biotech companies and 20 beaches.
Vancouver, BC The hollywood of the video game industry and often referred to as the most livable city in the world.

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