Uh, did you say $595/mo. for a two-bedroom loft?

Absolutely, in downtown Buffalo, if you have the income of a typical artist. The destination is Holling Place, and this isn’t a run-down apartment in a neglected neighborhood.

The lofts feature high ceilings, great city views, exposed duct work, expansive windows, hardwood floors and fitness room. They’re also walking distance to the subway station, shopping, city square, sports arena, major park and the county library. And if you’re a creative without a whole lot of disposable income, the one-bedroom units range from $515 to $540/mo., while the two-bedrooms go for $595 to $640/mo.

Just opened in June, it happens to be the largest downtown residential project in over 20 years, and there’s a lot of that occuring across the country. These kinds of projects are invaluable to the local economy, as reports show that job-producing entrepreneurs are often looking for cool affordable housing.

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