Sierra Club endorses best new developments

Is there such a thing as development that’s good for the environment? It’s all relative, and if there’s any authority on the matter, the Sierra Club is as good as it gets. Thus, it’s worth taking a close look at their recently pubished Building Better: A Guide to America’s Best New Development Projects.

Leaving out the projects that are a bit too suburban for what this site’s about, here are their favorite developments that benefit the environment by ‘recycling’ urban land and buildings in a compelling way:

Tacoma, WA – University of Washington, Tacoma – Charles Moore, LMN Architects
Portland, OR – The Pearl District – Hoyt Street Developers, Gerding/Edlen Development Co.
Windsor, CA – Town Green Village Project – Orrin Thiessen and Town Green Enterprises
Oakland, CA – Fruitvale Transit Village Project – The Unity Council
San Mateo, CA – Bay Meadows – Peter Calthorpe, Architect
Salt Lake City, UT – Central Business District Extention Project and Gateway Area – Salt Lake City Redevelopment Agency
Albuquerque, NM – East Downtown Redevelopment Project – Rob Dickson, Paradigm and Co.
Atlanta, GA – Atlantic Station – Jacoby Development

More details on these places are coming. Portland’s Pearl District is profiled here.

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