Robert Redford’s ultra green building

In keeping up with yesterday’s new urbanism green building theme, the greenest example of that is in Santa Monica. In fact, the building is so green, that it’s LEED “platinum”-rated; the highest green building standard out there, and bestowed to just a handful of buildings, ever.

Designed by the acclaimed new urbanist firm, Moule & Polyzoides (who we recognized earlier for Del Mar Station), the Robert Redford Building (yes, that Robert Redford) is nestled in a walkable, urban, mixed-use neighborhood next to transit.

The building, home to the Natural Resources Defense Council, is a national model for green building features:

Passive water and energy conservation
– uses 60-75% less energy than buildings its size
– large operable windows, skylights and lightwells bring daylight deep into the building
– sea breezes augment the air conditioning
– special towers vent off heat in the summer

Advanced technologies for energy production and water recycling
– uses 60% less water than most buildings, as low-flow toilets flush themselves with rainwater and wastewater from showers and sinks
– its widely-accepted waterless urinals use no water at all, each one saving 40,000 gallons a year.
– solar cells provide a fifth of the energy used

Renewable and recyclable materials
– the building itself is renovated (‘recycled’)
– 98% of the building’s materials are recyclable
– the floors are made of bamboo because it is a fast-growing wood substitute
– the carpets are made from hemp (firefighters beware)
– all lumber products are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council
– building’s exterior appears to be wood but is made of a fiber and cement material

High indoor air quality
– building materials are completely free of formaldehyde and vinyl
– carpeting, paints and other materials have no or low volatile organic compounds
– it’s ventilation system even adjusts for CO2, which is known to cause drowsiness

Image: Tim Street Porter

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