Austin’s where-it’s-at ‘experience hotel

If you’re looking for entertainment and a place to stay, then you may need to check into the San Jose Hotel the next time you’re in Austin, giving the Jupiter Hotel in Portland OR a run for its money. Make sure you have an appreciation for music as well. Some the amenities of this popular destination…

Courtyard under the stars, probably the single-most memorable experience of a stay at the hotel
– Located near one of Austin’s active neighborhoods on South Congress Avenue
Coffeehouse serving lattes, pulled pork sandwiches and beer
– Lobby serves as a gathering place, and also wine, beer and appetizers from 5 pm to midnight.
Rock n’ Reel, a seasonal weekly event featuring a live band followed by an outdoor movie chosen by the band.
– ‘Artist-in-residence’ gallery every few months where an artist’s work is featured throughout the hotel.
– Free collection of blues and jazz CDs, plus movies to rent.
– Band members get 10% off room rates while in town for their gig.
– On-call room massages, which fit the very zen-like interiors and food offerings

From a happy customer, “I wish every city had a hotel like this…quaint, personable, fashionable, comfortable, clean and affordable. This place has so much personality–it’s even popular with the locals because of the elegant and funky courtyard bar and the groovy coffee shop next door.”

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