Don’t forget your ‘daily candy

You know how you can count on your friends to tell you about, say, this great new affordable restaurant, or a must-go sale, or a free concert with a favorite band…? Well, if your city isn’t lucky enough to have a Buffalo Rising, then you should check out Daily Candy if you live in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, London, LA, SF, NY or DC. Think of it as a daily ‘experience tipster’ for the creative class.

In Washington DC, the very last daily ‘tips’ were:
– A new eco-friendly store, the first of its kind, in one of the City’s most progressive neighborhoods
– A board game for people who can’t get enough of wining and dining
– A salon offering an eyelash fashion craze
– Travel suggestions for incompatible couples
– Rock n’ roll yoga
– A service that will wait in the DMV line for you

Let’s just say, I think they understand the creative class just a bit, don’t you think? …and that was just the last week or so. As for cities and developers, if you aren’t providing any of these experiences, you probably aren’t attracting the creatives.

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