Cities cool enough for a cutting edge website

In keeping up with our impromptu focus on media & resources this week, one must-see site for a cooltown/creative class point of view of four European cities is this informative, dynamic website at

I’m not aware of any website that better communicates the creative, progressive highlights of Amsterdam, Antwerp, Vienna and Zurich, using animation, sounds, imagery and descriptions of only the most relevant restaurants, lounges, stores and events. It provides an overall experience that matches the target audience, one that is looking for a fresh, exciting alternative to the standard tourist excursion.

Offering insight from perspectives of art, architecture, design, fashion, food, nightlife, shopping, events and hotels, here’s a couple of examples:

“And in this same creative vein, van de Linde on the Rozengracht (Amsterdam) is a superb art supply store in a city of superb artists, not to mention an inspired location for unusual gift ideas.”

“Dance and chill out with a difference – after all, Vienna’s electronic music scene has an international reputation! And clubs like the Flex on the Danube Canal have even been voted among the best in the world!”

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