Lofty new neighborhood rises in Oakland

If you’re an entrepreneur, artist and/or associated with the creative class in the SF Bay Area, you may want to check out the neighborhood surrounding the Jack London Square waterfront. The area has already attracted a number of architects, consultants and media-related firms.

Oakland’s Mayor Jerry Brown and former presidential candidate was a pioneer in helping transform what was a dormant, underutilized industrial district (much of it centered on produce) into an emerging hip destination. After moving to the area in 1992, he worked with his neighbors to turn abandoned warehouse buildings into live/works and lofts. When he became Mayor in 1998, he committed to bringing 10,000 new residents to downtown Oakland, with the Jack London Square neighborhood being a focal point.

Jack London Square itself is an entertainment destination, with a number of independent restaurants and bars, shops, a movie theater and a waterfront plaza for major events.

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