Now that’s some healthy convenience

For those who like to cook and commute by transit, it doesn’t get much better than this, that is, if you can afford to live here in Mission Bay, San Francisco. At least 28% of the housing in this progressive new neighborhood is supposed to be below market, though in this particular development, a good portion of it is above market (pun intended).

Thanks to Portland’s innovative urban planning heritage, which hosted the first Safeway with housing above, more and more of us won’t have to lug our groceries as far. In fact, such proximity to one’s source of groceries has a couple of health and financial benefits: Since shopping is so convenient, residents tend to cook more often (typically much healthier and less expensive than eating out) as well shop more frequently with smaller loads, resulting in fresher meals and more space in the fridge. Add the fact that a transit commuter is dropped off at the supermarket’s doorstep, and Safeway may need to start adding cooking classes like one of its more forward-thinking competitors.

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