SF’s new ‘city’ taking shape one unique development at a time

Disneyfication – the term given to developments that look a bit sterile because it was built by one developer, in one style, all at once (ie non-organically.)

So far one of the most noticeable and admirable traits about the first signs of construction in Mission Bay is that it doesn’t look like it was built by one developer, which is so often the case (like many of the new developments recently reviewed here.) Part of the reason is that it’s such a large urban site (303 acres) and investment ($4 billion) that there are indeed multiple developers.

The effect is much the same as when there are multiple homebuilders in a new neighborhood – the place feels more diverse, authentic and comfortable than if it were done by a single-homebuilder.

It helps to be located in the heart of a city – San Francisco – that sets a benchmark for providing as close to a ‘no two buildings look alike’ urban environment as any you’ll ever come across.

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