This is a shoe store?!

I’ve covered live band karaoke at the workplace and dancing at an art show, so why not a rock band at a shoe store?

That’s what happened at this undisclosed* shoe store last Wednesday night to introduce a new product line. The goal is to put on four of these events a year, and with free beer, chocolate-covered strawberries and a top notch band (Morningwood, reminded me of Garbage – the band), it’ll create quite the loyal following. The point is, the successful retailers are no longer selling just ‘goods’, they’re selling an experience. This is the evolving form of advertising, and frankly, it’s a whole lot more fun than reading newspaper ads and watching commercials.

*Chain stores require corporate approval to be ‘disclosed’ in articles such as these, another asset to working with independents – the owner is usually right there to say ‘Of course!’

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