How do you breed innovators in your bohemia?

Well, it’ll take more than just pretty lights. Assuming that there indeed is a bohemia in every city, there isn’t much economic benefit if there aren’t innovators creating and growing exciting new companies. Also assuming that the neighborhood is ‘cool’, how can a city support these entrepreneurs?

Innovation Philadelphia, a 4-year old private-partnership dedicated to growing the global innovation economy of the Greater Philadelphia Region, is confident they have the answer. They provide access to myriad private and public sector investments into companies that constitute its creative economy – the $44 billion/32% of their economy represented by the human capital with a high level of skill in cultural and fine/applied arts; who create, teach and generate technical innovation; and who drive and cultivate change. They also help connect students to employers in this sector well before they graduate.

Why? For one, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates haven’t left the community they innovated in.

Stay tuned for a first-of-its-kind global creative economy summit, the Global Creative Economy Convergence Summit to be exact, coming in the summer.

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