…and at $112/mo., it’s not hard out here for a writer

Seems like writers have it good in Manhattan as far as workplaces are concerned.

This one, called Paragraph, is a 2500 s.f. loft near Union Square. Compared to the Village Quill reviewed yesterday, this one’s 24 hours as opposed to being closed from midnight to 6 am, 365 days/year, though it has only a fraction of the art/community-oriented events that the Quill has. The workstations are more private, though a bit too much cubicle for some – a little translucency would be nice. The public areas by contrast are much larger, and afford greater opportunities for collaboration.

Why all the attention to writers? Because the space creators are writers themselves, and writers are creative. Plus they know they don’t have much money, and their ‘offices’ are completely mobile. However, increasingly so are a lot of other jobs, so you may not have to feel left out too much longer if you don’t know who Strunk and White are.

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