The best theater in America?

When your theater has its own fan site, you know you’re cool. That’s the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, Austin’s only independently-owned and operated movie theater, and yes, it was voted the Best Theater in America by Entertainment Weekly.

Enjoy dinner, drinks (including draft beer, of course) and a movie all at once. The Drafthouse offers first-run, independent, and classic films, with stadium-style seating alternating with long bench tables to wine and dine. In addition to the regular movie fare, the Drafthouse features special events including screenings, celebrities, free midnight movie cult classics, $1 Night, a Saturday Morning Film Club, and even an all-day Hobbit Feast where you eat when the characters eat during all three screenings of Lord of the Rings.

Order by writing on a paper menu to minimize distractions during the movie. Beer’s $3, wine $4-$6, salads $5-$7 and the award-winning menu of pizza/sub/burger comfort food is $7-$8, so it’s priced to be a place to return to over and over, and that’s what makes a great third place.

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