In the UK, new car-free developments a fast-growing trend

London’s Telegraph article, The fond farewells to four wheels, says it all here:

“Ms Cameron and Ms Jones are part of a new generation of homeowners being lured away from their cars. It’s a fast-growing trend. There are already quite a few developments – mostly urban new-builds – that aim to diminish car use among their residents, if not to phase it out entirely.”

One of the developments profiled is Carlton Drive, a 22-unit downtown green building. (pictured) Is there a market? The place is sold out. Besides, an 1100 s.f. condo in my building just sold for $447,000 in one week – with zero parking.

Just as local U.S. governments mandate parking spaces for new buildings, the London borough’s government requires none. The travel planning guidelines justifying the program can be found here.

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