Guess which country aims to be oil-free in 2020?

Creatives and entrepreneurs (this website’s target audience) solicit ideas and inspiration from around the world, and since many of them are actually moving overseas, it’s economically beneficial to learn which countries are tapping into their deepest values. One of those values lies in green building and environmentalism – Fortune calls it the Next Big Thing and the market has been growing by a third each year ($7 billion in 2005.)

So it may be a good idea to understand how Sweden has serious plans to be independent of oil by 2020, replacing gasoline-dependent cars and homes with those run on renewable energy.

How does this relate to creative and entrepreneurial thinking? For one, the focus on renewable energy means less dependence on imports, leaving more for local investment. Second, if you look at the most progressive cities in the country (Madison, Boulder, Seattle, Portland), you’ll see a very strong environmental agenda as well as a growing economy. To think green is to be ahead of the curve, both culturally and in business.

Check out ongoing green building trends here, and one of Sweden’s own rather forward-thinking (yet over-priced) green community here.

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