Thanks to ‘infolust’, no more ‘dumb’ buildings

Take note – these are the trends that are shaping our current economy…

So, what the heck is INFOLUST?! A definition from Trendwatching:

“Experienced consumers are lusting after detailed information on where to get the best of the best, the cheapest of the cheapest, the first of the first, the healthiest of the healthiest, the coolest of the coolest, or on how to become the smartest of the smartest. Instant information gratification is upon us.

So forget information overload: this desire for relevant information is insatiable, and will soon move from the online world to the ‘real’ world to achieve true ubiquity. Get ready for a click-and-know, point-and-know, text-and-know, hear-and-know, smell-and-know, touch-and-know and snap-and-know world.”

Ok, so now what are ‘dumb buildings’? Again, from Trendwatching, these are buildings that are “incapable of communicating the how, who, when, why and what that infolust consumers have come to rely on in an online world.

That’s probably too much info for one entry, so tomorrow we’ll explain in more detail how these two are integrated to present us with some very cool experiences. Think of it this way, no more wondering what the general word is on that indie restaurant you just walked by…

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