Every great neighborhood needs a truly authentic pizzeria

Not surprisingly, one can find a pizzeria every few blocks in Italy. It’s also not surprising that they use fresh ingredients, especially the mozzarella cheese. Here’s a little recap. However, it is surprising that one is often hard-pressed to find such a place anywhere in an entire city in the U.S., which is why Brooklyn’s Difara Pizzeria garners reviews like the following:

“I am the most impatient person you’ll ever meet and all who know me can attest to that. Having to wait for food in NEW YORK CITY is incredibly ridiculous to me because there are literally thousands of other restaurants out there. But. I adore the owner at Difara’s; I am truly convinced that he is a pizza god. No mortal can make pizza this good. The square pizza will blow your mind.”

Fresh mozzarella. Fresh tomatoes. Fresh basil, rosemary and oregano – growing in the store window! Affordable. Elegantly-designed, walkable streets, squares and buildings attract creatives and urbanites alike, but it’s authentic venues like this that make them stay.

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