Free wi-fi office space in the heart of London for entrepreneurs

If you’re a member of any one of 29 entrepreneur/business networking organizations, this recently opened workplace – The Hubworking Centre (THC) in downtown London is indeed free. The membership requirement is simply to ensure that it’s frequented by people who are running their own businesses, mainly because people enjoy being there to network with other entrepreneurs.

First question I’m sure is, how does the place make money? They do so by charging for the following additional services:
– workstations ($9/hr., $67/day)
– meeting rooms ($9/hr./person)
– permanent mailing address for your business ($47/mo.)
– telephone answering service (by request)
– special networking events
It uses the same business model as, eFax, and 800-FREE411 where the basic services are free – really. Oh yes, and the tip is free too.

Still, it’s better to get an opinion of the place from someone who’s actually a THC member:
“You have done an outstanding job in creating what feels like a sanctuary in the middle of the City – the atmosphere is calm and relaxing, great views, lots of natural light and I really love the artwork on the walls. Last night’s networking event was a brilliant success: it all felt seamless, everyone loved the venue and the food was excellent…”

Ok, so maybe the place needs hardwood floors with rugs (to attenuate the noise) and the ceilings need to be a couple of feet higher without the ceiling panels…

What would be an ideal workplace for you as a mobile worker? How far away from home? What kind of events would you like to see?

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