A slice of creative class nightlife

We know there are studies (Competing in the Age of Talent) that correlate population diversity to a city’s economic growth; that young adults create jobs and are a key source of the creative class’ job base of designers, scientists, engineers and artists, and that nightlife is a key determinant in choosing a city…

So, what is an example of this nightlife that everyone’s talking about? Washington Post writer Ellen McCarthy finds out what that means in Washington DC, providing a benchmark for other cities and towns to ask, “Do we have nightlife like this to attract or keep the creative class?” Ellen’s adventures include:

– A night out at a salsa club with a couple of Latino women in their late twenties, one single, another a single mom.
– Bollywood2Night with a 23-year-old Indian engineer, with music from Indian films followed by a DJ spinning some bhangra.
– Karaoke night with a Japanese family, except the parents are in their late 50s and their sons are in their early 20s, plus 10 of their friends.
Persian pop star Arash’s concert with three Persian teens, one of many ongoing Persian events in the area.
– A regular experience of contemporary music and dancing at an Ethiopian restaurant/club with a 22-year old Ethiopian man and his friend.
– A single 32-year-old Brazilian man’s weekly outlet at a Caribbean club that makes him feel at home.

How does your city/town stack up?

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