Apartment Therapy’s Fall Colors 2006 winners

How comfortable are you with the colors in your home?

Each year Apartment Therapy, one of the best blogs on apartment design anywhere, has a nationwide contest to find the best unheralded apartments that add a bit of emotion to their living environment via color, namely fall colors.

Why is color important, and why the contest? In their words, “Color is a powerful part of interior design and the cheapest way to change a room, but few feel comfortable using it. We could all use some help from our friends.”

Shown here are the 2006 winners, with the winning entries in order of finish, hailing from Skokie, Illinois; Brooklyn, NY; and Mexico (for some reason, the city wasn’t listed).

A couple of key color tips by the winners:

1. Less is more.
2. Know yourself (or at least, try and figure it out). Use colors that reflect who you are and what your lifestyle is about. The more you know, the more focused your color choices will be.

Color is entirely underrated when it comes to urban design – we’ll take a look at this in the near future. If anyone has insight into this, please make contact!

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