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People often ask me what I read on a daily basis as far as keeping on top of the industry. I’ll tell you what exists, and what should exist.

Daily Sources that Exist:

The Creativity Exchange: This is Dr. Richard Florida’s blog on the creative class, and it’s fairly new. If you want to understand the market, this is where to go.
Planetizen: This is the portal for any news pertaining to visionary placemaking, cities, development and planning. It’s a bit comprehensive, so you still have to filter a lot of material out to find what appeals to you.
Springwise: A daily dose of real-world innovation.

Daily Sources that Should Exist:

A progressive GlobeSt.com: The present GlobeSt.com is the Wall Street Journal of real estate, which is what you need when it comes to implementation, but every project is over $20M and industrial economy scale rather than a more fine-grain, knowledge economy scale.
A daily Urban Land blog: Urban Land magazine is monthly and exclusive to ULI membership ($350/yr.), but it has the best case-studied, photographed urban real estate development examples (although, among the worst as well.)

In the meantime, this site will try and pick up the slack on the latter two as we focus more so on the results of implementing the content in the first three. This site is ultimately about documenting our implementation of the vision, not so much talking about it.

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