Give me walkable or give me death

Those people who think they’re more likely to die from sharks than deer (you’re 300 times more likely to get killed by a deer via car collision), are probably the same who think you’re more likely to get hit and killed by a car in New York than in Arizona or South Carolina. See the graph above – not true.

Yes, there are a lot of cars in Manhattan (and Boston), for instance, but there are way more pedestrians. Not only that, only half of Manhattanites have a driver’s license, and there are efforts to close streets since pedestrians are beginning to spill off of the sidewalks.

U.S. cities are heeding the growing demand for more pedestrian-oriented cities, investing in piazzas, paseos, and finally…

Have you ever driven through a city’s downtown trying to get to your destination (or parking space) and one-way street after one-way street gets you further away from where you simply want to go? Frustrating huh? The reason? Traffic engineers wanted cars to go faster. They were right, but this was in a time when many people didn’t live in cities and commuters just wanted to get in and out of the city as fast as they could.

So yes, two-way streets are returning, pioneered by former Milwaukee Mayor John Norquist, “I think people started to realize that the city was more important than the road that runs through it.”

Chart source: International Road Traffic and Accident Database

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