Who are the creative entrepreneurs?

Who are the people that want to live in a ‘cool town’? What are people in the creative class like? If you’re a city official or business leader looking to attract creative entrepreneurs to spur job growth and grow a vibrant cultural scene, what mindset should you have when reaching out to them? Rather than provide emotionless statistics, here are some values questions to be aware of to ensure you’re empathizing and not sending the wrong subconscious messages:

– Are you a regular visitor to a few of the following websites: Amazon, YouTube, Flickr, Wikipedia, Digg, eBay…
– Do you wake up and go to bed anytime you want? Or plan to in the future?
– Have you read, listened to or watched much of anything on this list in 2006?
– Do you live in the city or downtown area?
– Do you consciously choose the indie coffeehouse over Starbucks more often than not? Not only that, but do you think that indie coffeehouse is essential to where you live/work?
– Does your home have wi-fi?
– Is the internet the equivalent to oxygen?
– Have you read Fast Company magazine? Do you read Wired?
– Do you use a Mac?
– Do you know deep down that someday you’ll be running your own business if not now?

This is a tiny fraction of the collective list, nor is it representative of each creative entrepreneur. Please add your own below! I’ll keep updating this list – and add a wiki soon enough…

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