Art gallery by day, home by night

So you want to open an art gallery, but don’t have the budget? Or how about just wanting to have your home double as an office with employees during the day? The folks at I-Beam Design worked out quite the solution in this Manhattan loft.

The highlights:
– A revolving wall/door that separates the main gallery/workplace from the private section of the house by day, opens it up by night.
Moving panels that hide your, ahem, flat-panel TV, in not one, but two ways.
– A convertible client couch that transforms into a guest bed.

Lessons learned? It’s not like many of you are itching to open your own art gallery, but there’s some design ideas here to either transform your home into more of a workplace atmosphere during the day, or to inspire a developer to provide several of these unit types to beta community members who request them.

It’s about time I presented a YouTube video in an entry. This is the beginning of many, especially ones that you feel are representative of what makes a place cool – please send!

To see a Manhattan office by day that becomes a home at night, check out this entry from almost three years ago.

Music: 5th Exotic from a band called Quantic. Maybe you can add this to yesterday’s list

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