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It was published only three days ago, but Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die will soon become a best-seller. Think of it as the ‘how-to’ of The Tipping Point’s second of three rules; The Stickiness Factor.

Here’s why it’s important. Building better communities is incredibly complex – there are literally hundreds of ways to explain what your vision is and how to go about it, multiplied by hundreds of stakeholders inherently involved. Where does one start and how does one end? Made to Stick is one of the few books that can actually help, especially if you’re a city, business or community leader responsible for communicating the message of more than one person.

If you’re not going to buy the book, but are still interested in what the book is about, read the introduction, which the authors generously posted on their website… read about why people believe the ‘Kidney Heist’, or why movie popcorn is significantly healthier today, simply by how the message is communicated. I all but ensure you the ten minutes to read it will be worth your time.

Next week we’ll go through the Six Principles of Sticky Ideas, which make up the majority of the book:
The Answer:
1. Simplicity – The core idea. Can you understand it? This is the hardest one to get.
Tell Others:
2. Unexpectedness – Does it grab and hold your interest?
3. Concreteness – Will you understand and remember it?
4. Credibility – Do you believe it?
5. Emotions – Does it make you even care?
6. Stories – Will it make you act?

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