Louisville’s beta community vision for downtown

What to do when no one seems to be providing a bold vision for downtown Louisville, Kentucky?

Last fall a core of creatives in Louisville established a beta community and set forth on that very mission. The above image is the result of that local beta community to date, from a group of future patrons, tenants, developers, building owners and city officials, presented as the South Fourth Street Entertainment District. Five of the buildings are owned by beta community participants who are committed to investing in the group’s collective vision.

The focus is on local, independent retail and loft housing, though there’s a an auction for two of the retail spaces tomorrow – better check their website for more details if you’re interested, or if you want to be part of the local beta community that’s continuing to work with the building owners and developers to co-design and co-develop the kinds of businesses and housing/lofts you want, and more importantly, can afford.

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